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Published: 29th March 2011
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Sunglasses in India and across the globe have become fashion statements though they are extremely beneficial for your eyes as well as they protect them against the harmful UV rays. Be it the Indian cricketers or your very own bollywood superstars, most of them are known to set the latest trends for sunglasses in India.

The 70s retro look is back in vogue with sunglasses in India. Eyewear brands this season are laying special emphasis on oversized sunglasses with signature or colored rims. Colored rims with encrusted swarowski crystals or pointed edges are also a big hit this season.

Sunglasses are reflection of one’s attitude and thus it is very important to select sunglasses which suit your face structure ideally. There have been instances when individuals opt to wear a particular sunglass or the frame just because it is in fashion irrespective of whether it suits the face structure or not which should not be the case.

Let us discuss the ways by which women can stay in fashion this season through their sunglasses.

You can either opt for oversized, exaggerated frames or opt for butterfly, cat eye, google and shield styles frames. Laminated sunglasses too have been in vogue lately. However, if you wish to go for a sophisticated look then you may try small, round frames. In case if you are willing to seek all the attention lately then go in for oversized angular frames. These new eyewear are big hits this season.

Fashion trends keeps changing rapidly and what was in vogue the other day is out of fashion today. Fashion trends are changing continuously be it either for sunglasses, clothes or even hairstyles. If you wish to stay updated with the latest current trend with regards to sunglasses India the best way is to shop them online.

Purchasing sunglasses online has many advantages as you become aware of what is the current fashion trend in progress with regards to sunglasses whether it is the old fashioned retro or the sophisticated small, round frames. It thus allows you to make an informed decision. You also have the liberty to choose your favorite brand of sunglasses among the brands available.

Today, one can search for, compare and buy sunglasses from well known brands like Fastrack, Maui Jim, Polaroid, Police, Push and Shove and Ray Ban online and get them home delivered. It is recommended that only branded sunglasses are used as cheap imitations use bad quality lenses which can cause eye problems, are anyways ineffective in blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun and most importantly, can injure the eyes in case of an impact.

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